Medical Supplies

A simple irrigation device may also be used in a microsurgical setting. It consists of disposable – catheter, a three-way stopcock, an extension tube and capability of assembling everything in a surgical procedure.

The length of the device can be compared to some other microsurgical tool that allows both the assistant and surgeon for grabbing and irrigating in a very coordinated way. Some things like clot, tumor content and debris of tissue may be washed away in a very effective way.

The tool can be used for lavaging subarachnoid clot during surgery for intracranial aneurysms allow precise orientation. The device is used for cooling tissues that is adjacent to the drilling sites.

Wholesale Disposable Extension Tube seems to be used popularly and it is effective as self-irrigating micro neurosurgical instrument.

The technological advancement in the medical science and patient care helps to update the product effectively. The processing of raw material of plastic granules to sterilization of all the finished products should confirm to the international standards.

The state of machinery should be excellent for different operations like moulding, assembling, packing and sterilization. It reduces any kind of contamination